Shonda Rhimes Inks $300 Million Deal With Netflix!


Congratulations are in order for Shonda Rhimes as her new contract with the super streaming platform of Netflix has officially been upped to double of her initial 2017 signing deal!

Back in 2017 Shonda made the major move to leave the ABC Network and take her talents to the streaming world, according to the Hollywood Reporter she originally signed for $150 million dollars.

As of now Netflix has offered to sweeten their deal with expansion as Shonda will sign on to create virtual reality gaming content and films. Within the new deal she has officially signed an agreement that will include a merchandising deal for Shondaland Media featuring live events and experiences.

The contract consists of a signed partnership between Shonda and Netflix for another five years.

Shonda said back in 2017 that her decision to leave ABC came from a place of wanting to create content without being “bothered”.

“The reason I came to Netflix because I wanted to be able to make television without anybody bothering me … and as long as I get to keep making television without anybody bothering me, I’m happy,” says Shonda.

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