Family Of Slain Tiktok Star Swavy Responds To Wendy Williams Insensitive Report Of His Murder!

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The family of 19 year old Tiktok star Swavy is currently requesting a direct apology from Wendy Williams following a recently aired hot topic segment of her show where she insensitively reported on his murder!

Swavy’s mother Chanell Clark and brother Rahkim Clark spoke with TMZ in response to the report and explained how hurtful Wendy’s words were to their family.

Rahkim states that his brother’s murder is not celebrity gossip that she usually covers and that the young boy’s murder is very real to them.

Chanell reveals that she not only witnessed her son’s murder but was with him as he took his final breaths. She says that Wendy’s report was down right cruel and that she wrongfully represented him.

The family is demanding she apologize for discussing Swavy in a ill manner and indicating that he was a thug.

As we previously reported Wendy received major backlash from social media users following the recently aired show. She hasn’t responded as of yet, stuck with us for future updates!

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