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Upstate New York Officer Placed On Administrative Leave After Punching A Black Woman In The Throat At A Local Walmart!


The DeWitt Police Department has officially released body camera footage of a physical altercation involving a police officer punching a Black women in the throat at a local Walmart!

The incident took place on July. 4th within the East Syracuse area as police officials were called to the scene to stop a a fight between two women who were allegedly using pepper spray, reports TMZ.

It has been indicated that the officer identified as Rory Spain attempted to stop the fight and restrain the women involved but soon after punched the victim Tyreanna Edmonds with handcuffs.

Sources have confirmed that in the video Edmonds attempted to bite the officer as he walked her away and then Rory is seen balling his fist and punching her in her throat.

The video continues to show the impact of the punch then sending Edmonds falling hard to the ground and witness reacting in shock.

The victim has been charged with 2nd-degree attempted assault of a police officer and Rory on leave while an ongoing investigation is under way.

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