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Pharrell Williams Reveals His Cousin Was Shot And Killed By Local Police Within Virginia Beach Shooting!


Producer and musician Pharrell Williams has identified that his cousin was shot and killed by local police recently within the series of Virginia Beach shootings!

As we previously reported multiple people were injured in a series of scattered overnight shootings taking place March 26th, 2021. Two people including Bad girls club star Deshayla Harris and Pharrell’s cousin Donovon Lynch.

According to NBC News, Donovon was armed when police officials initially came in contact with him. However Authorities later noted that a firearm was discovered within the vicinity of the shooting.

Pharrell took to Twitter on Monday to mourn his cousin in a post that read, “The loss of these lives is a tragedy beyond measure. My cousin Donovon was killed during the shootings.

The post continues, “ It is critical my family and the other victims’ families get the transparency they deserve. VA Beach is the epitome of hope and we will get through this.”

It is believed that the shooting erupted following an altercation amongst a group of people.

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