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Thank You But NO Thank You: Lisa Raye Speaks On Draya And Joseline Hernandez Reviving Her Role Of Diamond In The Players Club!


The internet streets have been buzzing all week with the idea of a reboot for the classic 90’s Ice Cube original film “ The Players Club,” while debating who should potentially revive the movie’s most beloved role of Diamond!

The conversation originally kicked off as reality television star and entrepreneur Draya Michele took to Instagram to throw her bid in, shortly followed up by Love and Hip Hop all-star Joseline Hernandez arguing that she would be a better fit.


It wasn’t long before the debate made its rounds to the attention of the original Diamond played by Lisa Raye McCoy.

On this week’s episode of Cocktails with Queens, the actress alongside her cohosts chimed into the reboot debate; with Lisa Raye issuing an opinion of her own. Not only did she dismiss the idea of either of the ladies playing her most celebrated role she also directed them to play the possible role of Cubic Zirconia, instead.⠀

“I think, why not? You know what I mean? I do have a problem with some of the sequels sometimes when they’re done so well, and it’s the first time you see it, it’s like, let Diamond be Diamond,” says Lisa Raye.

“Maybe somebody can play Cubic Zirconia or something. But Diamond was done so well, but she’s still Diamond, you know what I mean? So, I don’t know what to say.”⠀


⠀⠀Cousins what do you think, should the players club and the role of Diamond be left alone? Or is a reboot with a whole new Diamond long over due?

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