#WTFISGOINGON: Pictures Of Black Gun Violence Victims Hanging From Nooses Discovered In Milwaukee!


A series of photographs pertaining to numerous Black lives lost at the hands of gun violence were discovered hanging from nooses in Milwaukee’s Riverside Park recently!

The Milwaukee Journal reports that the photos were discovered Saturday near North Oakland Avenue. Sources have confirmed that the pictures were laminated and displayed descriptive information of how each individual died on the back of them. There were pictures of #BreonnaTaylor, #EricGarner , #BothamJean , #AhmaudArbery , #MichaelBrown and #TrayvonMartin.

It has been indicated that the Black Panthers of Milwaukee discovered the horrific display and began to cut down the noose. They then took to Facebook within an uploaded video and described the act as racist and disrespectful. On Monday the group highlighted the notion that no form of police enforcement has taken the time to look into the situation.

Later that day the local Sheriff’s office released a forwarded statement confirming that they have recently learned of the situation and are now conducting an open investigation.

Cousins, if you or anyone you know has details on this unjustifiable instance please contact Milwaukee County Dispatch at 414-278-4788.

Source: Milwaukee Journal

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