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YFN Lucci Wanted By Atlanta Police For Involvement In December Fatal Shooting!


Rapper YFN Lucci is currently a wanted man in the city of Atlanta following his suspected involvement within a fatal shooting!

According to TMZ Atlanta Police department homicide officials are seeking to bring in Lucci also known as Rayshawn Bennett, 29 for questioning.

Reports read that Lucci is allegedly involved in a December 2020 incident within the southwest Atlanta area, resulting in one man’s death from a gunshot wound to his head. It has been indicated that a second man was also shot but survived.

Sources have confirmed that two arrests have been made in connection to the fatal shooting including 23 year old male Ra’von Boyd and a 17 year old male by the name of Leroy Pitts. Both men have been booked on felony murder charges.

There is currently a $5,000 award being offered for any information forwarded on Lucci ‘s whereabouts.

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