DaBaby Reportedly Pulled From Seven Music Festivals After Failing To Provide Apology Video To Organizers!


The plot is surely thickening up y’all! After being dropped from a total seven music festivals circulating reports are all claiming that #DaBaby was taken off of each performance lineup after failing to forward a promised apology video that was suppose to air before his Lollapalooza set!

According to Billboard in an attempt to get a handle on his viral Rollin gLoud rant DaBaby’s team reached out to organizers of seven different festivals where he was booked to perform.

Sources have confirmed that his team guaranteed organizers that they would receive an apology video. The proposed video was to make up for his original forwarded apology on July 27th that actually appears to have made things far more worse.

It has been indicated that Da Baby’s team highlighted to festival promoters that the new video would be a sincere apology.

The proposed the video was suppose to be played before his Lollapalooza set and was going to include a heartfelt apology to the LGBTQ+ community.
From the looks of things the video was either never created or forwarded. Lollapalooza then issued a statement confirming DaBaby would not be apart of the festival. Remaining festival organizers followed suit and removed him from their lineups after he failed to provide the video.


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