Cardi B Defends Offset Against Fan, You Will Not Disrespect Kulture’s Father!

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Cardi B took Twitter within a PostAndDelete tweet to address a fan that attempted to drag her daughter’s father Offset!

As we previously reported Cardi filed for divorce from Offset in September. The court order reads, “irretrievably broken” and “there are no prospects for a reconciliation,” reports People.


Sources have confirmed that a fan recently wrote Cardi in support of her newly filed divorce to state, “We don’t like offset and it’s our right to drag him when we sit for.”


Within a direct response Cardi tweeted, “ I don’t give a f*** if you don’t like him. “I don’t talk to him but you not going to disrespect my child father.”

The tweet continues, “I will slap the s— out of you in curtesy of Kulture.” “If he die, go broke, you not the one that’s going to raise my kid & you not the 1 who pays for her sh**.”

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