12 Year Old Georgia Resident Tests Positive For Coronavirus; Currently Surviving Off Ventilator!

A 12 year old Georgia resident is currently fighting for her life from an #Atlanta ,hospital bed after testing positive for the #Coronavirus!

According to CNN NEWS, Emma had originally been diagnosed with pneumonia last week on March 15th, however it wasn’t until Friday March 20th that she’d tested positive for COVID-19. Sources have confirmed that she was officially placed on a ventilator Saturday and is currently in stable condition.

It has been indicated that Emma had attained no symptoms before hand and hadn’t traveled recently states her cousin Anthony. Her family is currently unsure of how she contracted the virus.


Reports read that the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Scottish Rite Hospital recently come forward to state that a current patient tested positive for Covid-19, but didn’t forward details upon the identity of the patient.

Jessica Pope, spokeswoman of the hospital has come forward to state, “The patient remains in isolation, and we have consistently used appropriate precautions. Additional details will not be released due to patient privacy laws.”

Sources have concluded that Emma’s cousin Anthony was given permission from her mother to share the sorry.

“I know first hand how dangerous it is,” he said. “Everyone keeps saying ‘it doesn’t impact younger people.’ But here’s a 12-year-old fighting for her life. People need to practice social distancing. People need to take care of their children. People need to take this seriously.”

Though it is rare for small children to contract the virus it’s not impossible. Health care officials have verified that, children are both contracting COVID-19 and spreading it. Unfortunately it is a shared belief that the virus has only tested positive within certain demographic and we are here to you that, that information is untrue.

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