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Austrian Man Dies After Attending “Coronavirus Party” To Build Immunity From Virus!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


If there were a Coronavirus greatest hits soundtrack, there would definitely be a viral hit called “Talk tuh me nice!” An Austrian man learned about the dangers of intentionally attending superspreader events, but unfortunately it cost him his life in the process.

The Austrian couldn’t wait to attend a growing craze in Italy – a Coronavirus immune-building party. The 55 year old left his homeland and travelled all the way to Bel Paese (Italy’s nickname, meaning beautiful country) to Tarantella throughout the night. He was hopeful the transmissible droplets lurking in the air at the party in Bolzano Italy, would take it easy on him while his immune system strengthened.

Welp! Newsweek reports that after the Austrian man left the party, with droplets now in tow, the deadly drip continued twerking and doing-their-dance of death, deep down into his system.

He arrived back home in Austria, became infected and succumbed to the formidable virus. Others from that same party left with their invisible dance partners too and are currently in intensive care, fighting for their lives, hoping for a chance to get their hands on… a green pass?

Patrick Franzoni, deputy coordinator of a COVID unit in the city, admitted they are aware of their youth throwing COVID Roulette parties in Bolzano and across the province of South Tyrol. They are trying to catch COVID, recover from it naturally and then qualify for a ‘green pass’ to avoid having to get vaccinated.

These passes recently came into effect in Italy this past August and are mandatory in work places. You can only get them by either being fully vaccinated or recovering from the virus naturally; completely on your own within the past six months.

“We have received more than one account from doctors of patients who admitted to having been infected on purpose,” Franconia told the media. “They do this to develop antibodies, and to obtain the green pass without vaccination. There are long-term consequences and even young people can end up in hospital.”

Franzoni explained how these superspreader parties work “ least one attendee is infected with COVID-19 and other partygoers deliberately try to catch the disease from that individual. They do so not realizing that the virus is also dangerous in children and young people,” he said.

An investigation has allegedly been launched into these functions as more European countries are bringing back heavy restrictions, due to a surge in infections.

Cousins, we love a good party that may even be a little risqué, but are you here for the ‘cough on me & I’ll cough on you’ COVID jams? Comment below!

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