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Lil Rel Proposes With The Help Of Beyonce, Jay-Z And Tina Knowles During Renaissance Tour; Says He Almost Missed His Que Because He Had To Use The Bathroom!

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Cousins! Lil Rel is officially putting his love on top following an epic proposal to his girlfriend Dannella Lane during Beyonce’s birthday concert in Los Angeles.

The actor and comedian shared the heartwarming moment on social media Tuesday as he captured a play-by-play leading up to the proposal.

The video shows Rel riding in a car by himself as he takes the engagement ring out of the box and kisses it. The video then transitions to a split jumbo screen where Beyonce is performing “Love On Top” and Dannella appears on the other side. As the camera passes over Dannella she looks at Rel as he is down on one knee proposing.

The heartwarming video continues as Dannella is overjoyed with emotions. She hugs and kissed Rel with tears in her eyes.

““SHE SAID YES!!!! What a story lol. Thanks @mstinaknowles and Jay for helping make this special moment happen. Tonight @beyonce put on an amazing B Day show thanks for letting have a little time on your show lol to make @dannellalane my fiancée… Love On Top!!! #LoveIsInTheAir #TheProposal,” Rel wrote on Instgram.

In a conversation with TMZ, Rel thanked Beyonce alongside her mom Tina Knowles and Jay-Z for making the special moment happen. He says that through his close friendship with Ms. Tina, she had encouraged him to pop the question as Bey sang “Love On Top”.

“She gave me really good instructions” on when to propose, Rel said in a clip.

He also revealed that it was Jay-Z that suggested that the proposal appear on the big screen.

“OMG OMG OMG!!! Wait let me pinch myself! Yep it’s real OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY I SAID YES to the man of my dreams, my sweetface, my answered prayer! @comedianlilrel babe you put our love on TOP and I’m honored and grateful!!!” Dannella said in a post to Instagram the following. 

“On the car ride home I said “what am I going to do with you” and you replied “we have the rest of our lives to figure it out” OMG OMG 💕 . She added, “Thank you @mstinaknowles @beyonce and @jayz for helping my FIANCÉ pull this off and for sharing your bday with us! A whole Fiancé at Beyoncé!!!!”

Rel also shared that the proposal was almost sabotaged due to an unexpected bathroom break.

“As soon as I started to use the bathroom, I started hearing [the opening notes] and I couldn’t stop my pee!” Rel confessed. “I’m rushing back. … The camera’s set up. I can’t find my seat. I don’t know why I got confused. Maybe because of the moment, I’m nervous. So I ran in and then I ran back out to retrace my steps.”

Thankfully everything worked out in the end. Congratulations guys.

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