#ForTheCulture: LeBron Gifts 1st Graduating Class Of I Promise School Free Education To Kent University!

NBA all star #LeBronJames is doing an amazing job within keeping his promise to the students of his Akron, Ohio based school; after offering nearly 200 students a full ride to the prestigious institute of Kent University!

The official announcement was made Tuesday morning at I Promise School amongst the junior class and their families within a now viral video.

According to #YahooNews the offer consists of each student receiving a four year scholarship to Kent University with free room and board for up to one year.

Initially the I Promise School had promised free tuition solely to the University of Akron. However as of right now students have a choice of deciding between both Akron and Kent University.

Sources have concluded that each student must maintain a good standing grade point average, community service work etc.

It has also been reported that 23 lucky students were gifted the opportunity to attended the 2020 All Star game on top of the tuition offer. The students were forwarded a chance to attain a “weekend of service & career exploration” states the I Promise School foundation.

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