GOT YA! Mya Reveals That She Married Herself For New Music Video “The Truth”

It may be a few months shy of a fair game of “‘April Fools” but singer #Mya has already been declared King of this year’s festivities. As multiple news outlets and thousands of social media users rushed to congratulate her on a secret marriage, it appears that the truth has recently been revealed!

Mya took to social media Friday on Valentines Day to upload a TMZ circulated image of herself in a wedding gown. With a added caption that thanked everyone for the well wishes and declaring herself “ Officially Mrs. Lansky!”

However it turns out that there was no wedding off the African coast in December 2019, reports Essence Magazine. The singer was actually working on visuals for her latest single “The Truth” . It has been confirmed that the wedding dress and beach location were simply used for props and nothing more.

It has been indicated that the video symbolizes the singer paying homage to her love of herself within celebration.

Self love is important girl but sheesh you had us all wondering where our invites were located.

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