Bad Boys 3 Movie Breaks The Box Office For MLK Weekend With $73M Win!

In this day and age it is honestly extremely rare that we have bared witness to the success of a rebooted film or television series. However when you put together two of the industry’s most elite and legendary actors you should expect magic to instantly occur!

Congratulations are in order, Bad Boys 3 staring #WillSmith and #MartinLawrence has successfully earned a total of $73 million dollars over the Holiday Weekend.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the third installment racked in $62.2 million within its first three days of release from Friday to Sunday. It has been indicated that the film created history being named as the second best showing ever within the Martin Luther King Jr. three day weekend frame.

Reports show that the film successfully earned $37.3 million in box office sales from a total of 39 markets.

Demographic reports of the films success has been confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter indicating that, the movie’s audience consisted of bAfrican-Americans (42 percent) and males (56 percent). Also noting that 58 percent of ticket buyers were 35 years old and younger.


Congratulations Martin and Will, not bad for 17 years later!

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