Charges Dropped Against Daycare Owner’s Husband Accused Of Child Molestation!

A heart broken mother is seeking justice after charges have been dropped against a man accused of sexually abusing her son!

#USAToday reports ; Gregory Michael Johnston, 38 is the husband of Lil Piggies Day Care owner; which also is ran from within their home. Sources have confirmed that Johnston was initially charged back in February on six counts of child molesting as a Level 1 felony, and one count of dissemination of matter harmful to minors a level 6 felony. He was initially released on $15,000 cash bail the same night he was arrested and place on home detention.

Sources have confirmed that the Lil Piggies day care was voluntarily shut down since Johnston’s arrest and hasn’t been reopened since.

Johnston’s attorney Glenn Gramp has recently publicly stated that all charges have been dropped as well as his obligations to home detention. However the case has been closed dismissed without prejudice; indicating the case could be filed again.

Upon dismissal of the charges prosecution team member Emily Hall has issued a forwarded statement, “state has been informed that the victim is unavailable to testify and does not know when the victim will be available to testify.”

She continues to say,
“The State of Indiana was forced to dismiss the case without prejudice in hopes of re-filing charges in the future. The ultimate goal of our office is to hold any criminal wrong-doer to justice, however the health and well-being of our victim is of the utmost important and must take priority.”

The abused victim’s mother Kelly Jo Marshall took to Facebook Friday night within a uploaded video releasing her frustration.

“ Put my business out there. But after the phone call I got today … I just don’t understand … Maybe it’s not for me to understand. But what I do know? As a mother, I’m going through every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Marshall was contacted by the prosecution office Friday morning to be notified that a motion to dismiss the charges we’re filed.

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,” Marshall said in the video. “The system is really messed up. This man molested my child, a man I called ‘bruh.’ … This man was a pallbearer at my mom’s funeral. This whole time this man was messing with my son, messing with him. And for that prosecutor to call me today to tell me they are putting in a motion for dismissal. That was a smack in the face because you know what I’ve done, I’ve done everything they’ve asked me to do.”

Marshall breaks out on tears as she continues, “He gets to be out around other people’s kids?”
“How the f*** is that even right? I’m supposed to sit here and trust the motherf****** system. Really? Nah, I’m not trusting nobody else. “I’m mad. I’ve been mad all day. I’m sick of it. At the end of the day, my child has to live with this, and we have to live with this.“

Johnston’s attorney Gramp has responded to Marshall’s video and stated, “That case was never what it was played up to be,” he said. “It never was. The facts were never as they were alleged to have been in the (probable cause affidavit). These types of allegations are horrendous. But if you don’t do something, if you didn’t commit the crime, that stain is left on your character for a long, long time. If the mother is out there playing that tune on social media, I can’t prevent her from doing that.”

Sources have confirmed that the victim has also informed investigators Johnston issued threats and revealed the child pornographic videos on his phone, police state. The probable cause affidavit in the case was described as extremely graphic.

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