Chicago Officers Found Not Guilty For Covering Up The Murder Of Black Teen Laquan McDonald.

It’s now 2019 and society has yet to show or prove that black lives actually matter. At this point I don’t think we’re too surprised by the verdicts of these cases, where our brothers and sisters lives are taken away so senselessly. We’re hurt and afraid to admit the ugly truth, that a system purposely designed against us will never see value in our lives. 


According to #CNN news three #Chicago officers have recently been cleared of acquisitions of covering up the death of #LaquanMcDonald . McDonald was shown in a now viral video being shot and killed in 2014 by officer #JasonVanDyke . Van Dyke was found guilty in October 2018 for the wrongful death of McDonald and charged with second degree murder. Former Detective David March, former Officer Joseph Walsh and Officer Thomas Gaffney faced charges of conspiracy, tampering of evidence and falsifying police records to cover up the murder of McDonald. 

Sources state Judge Domenica Stephenson implicated in her ruling that due to lack of evidence and the state being unable to provide adequate and substantial evidence there is no case. Former officer Walsh’s,  attorney Todd Pugh tells local news : “  “There never was a case here,” Pugh said, “despite all of the interest that all you have, there never ever was a case.”

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