Texas Daycare Under Investigation After Footage Shows Daycare Worker Pulling Black Girl’s Hair!

It was 11:45AM Jan.18th, when a now viral video surfaced of a young girl being abused in front of multiple children while at daycare.

According to #KCBD My Little Playhouse Learning Center LLC located on 50 th street in Lubbock, #Texas is currently under investigation due to the mistreatment of a child by a daycare worker. Sources state though the video has recently surfaced on numerous social media outlets, the video was prerecorded and has been under investigation. A representative of the day care has issued the following statement: “The owners and Directors of My Little Playhouse Learning Center LLC were made aware of video footage posted on social media at approximately 11:45 a.m. Staff involved were fired immediately. Local authorities (LPD) has been notified and are investigating accordingly. Texas Department of Childcare Licensing has also been notified.”

Sources have indicated that many parents began picking up their children immediately after the video surfaced including the victim’s Grandmother Shanna Walker. Walker states she saw the video 20 mins before picking her granddaughter up, “It’s very frightening. The employees that are there are supposed to be people that are taking care of [the kids] that has their well being at heart. ““But when you come to find out something like this is happening… I know that everyone thinks that their grandchildren are the best. But this little girl, she is the sweetest little girl that you could ever know. And she’s very quiet and very timid. So, for her to sit there and just to pull on her hair – it’s very infuriating. I mean I’m standing here right now, feeling like I’m about to boil over.

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