Black Excellence: Nicki Minaj Pays In Full; 37 College Students Tuition

It’s that time of the year y’all; back to School season! If you are a currently enrolled College Student; you can agree that tuition can be an expensive nightmare. In most cases Sallie Mae and Financial Aide either don’t cut it or instantly make you feel as if you sold your soul to the devil. So any inch of help is more than appreciated, am I right? 

According to the #Shaderoom ; #NickiMinaj has forwarded tuition assistance to over 37 college students. Within her Scholarship program entitled “ Student Of The Game “ the #ChunLi Rapper has agreed to pay off student loans or college tuition  in full per each recipient. 


Minaj took to Twitter last Spring to announce the establishment of her Charity services. This is such a beautiful thing, definitely warms our hearts. Congratulations to all the recipients!! 

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