Autopsy Report Released Following The Tragic Murder Of L.A Model Maleesa Mooney; Says She Was Beaten And Stuffed In A Refrigerator!

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Cousins! Brutal details have been released within an official autopsy report following the tragic death of Maleesa Mooney!

According to the Daily News, the Los Angeles model had been two months pregnant at the time when her body was discovered severely beaten within the refrigerator of her apartment. It has been stated that Maleesa’s mom had contacted the police to conduct a welfare check.

An autopsy report issued on behalf of a L.A County Department Medical Examiner, says that Maleesa was found wedged, beaten, and bonded with a pool of blood underneath her body.

“Her wrists were bound together, and her ankles were bound together, and these bindings were tied to each other behind her back with miscellaneous electronic cords and clothing items,” reads the autopsy report.

“Additional clothing items were found around her face and neck,” the report continues. “An apparent gag, fashioned out of an article of clothing, was stuffed in her mouth.”

According to the toxicology report, Maleesa is said to have had traces of cocaine as well as alcohol in her system. It hasn’t been stated whether or not either substance played a role in her death at this time.

“The blunt force traumatic injuries observed at autopsy are generally not considered acutely life-threatening on their own,” says the medical examiner within the issue autopsy report.

“However, based on the circumstances of how Ms. Mooney was found, these injuries suggest she was likely involved in violent physical altercation prior to her death.”

The Daily News reports that Maleesa’s cause of death was previously listed as “homicidal violence.”

It has been indicated that evidence suggests Malessa was strangled.

Sadly, no arrests have been made following the tragic ordeal at this time.

Cousins, please join us in sending prayers to Maleesa’s family and friends.

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