Boyfriend Of Aspiring Model Fatally Shot Following Dispute In A Brooklyn Home Depot Parking Lot Speaks Out, “I’ve Cried Every Single Day”

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Cousins! Following the tragic murder of his girlfriend in an unexpected shooting, a Brooklyn, New York resident is speaking out for the very first time!

Cordel McDuffie shares that since his girlfriend and aspiring model Imani Sharpless’s passing he has not been the same is currently living with an incredible amount of grief. “I have not been the same. I have cried every single day since this has happened,” he tells Pix 11 news.

Cordell recalls that on September 9th he had a non-aggressive encounter with a male driver within the parking lot of a Brooklyn-located Home Depot.

“We exchanged words, and I moved out of the way. My girl and I had no expectation of being ambushed,”he explained.

Reports read that within a matter of minutes following the exchange everything unexpectedly changed for the worst.

“I felt bullets hitting me. But it was just too fast. When I looked up, I saw the same guy. I don’t really recall the extent of my pain; I was focused on my girlfriend. Having to relive that moment and that she’s not here anymore hurts the most,” said Cordell.

Imani was shot in her head, leg, and back. Sadly the 26 year old died five days later within Kings County Hospital on September 14th.

Cordell shares that the date of Imani’s passing already held much weight on him as it was the same day his father had passed away.

“She died the same day as my father,” he said.

Sources confirm that the father of two is actively working with legal officials to make sure the person responsible receives life in prison.

“My boys definitely need me… it’s going to take me some time to be who I was to them. She took a large part of me with her,” said Cordell of his girlfriend of four years.

Cordell testified before a Grand Jury while wearing Imani’s ring, against the the gunman identified as 58 year old Quincy Davis.

A GoFundMe account has been launched on the 36 year old’s behalf to help him purchase a new vehicle as the car he has been attacked in was left with blood stains and bullets. Cordell used the vehicle to work as a carrier and now needs assistance traveling to and from physical therapy.

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