Sexyy Red Speaks Out Following Circulation Of Her Sex Tape On Social Media!

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Cousins! Sexyy Red has returned to social media to address the circulation of a sex tape.

According to trending reports, the revealing video was released Wednesday night on her Instagram story and immediately deleted soon after.

The video consisted of the St Louis, Missouri rapper indulging in intimate adult actives alongside an unidentified male. Within the circulated clip both participants are fully naked as it appears the male is holding a cellphone recording them in the act. Sexyy can be seen avoiding eye contact as the camera’s flash continues to gleam directly in her face.

“I’m so heartbroken anybody that kno me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy sht like that 💔😢,” wrote Sexyy on Twitter as she disabled her comment section.

Celebrities and fans have also chimed in with support for Sexyy surrounding the ordeal as folks believe that it wasn’t actually her that posted the video, more so someone who didn’t have her best interest at hand.

According to reports from TMZ, the 23-year-old was recently spotted in a circulated video hanging out with a local Atlanta rapper after he posted them together. It hasn’t been determined at this time if he’s the gentleman in the video.

“Girl you know you sexyy!! gone do yo shit, fuck what these ho’s talkin bout you know you that bitch🫶🏾🩷,” wrote City Girls member JT.

“I truly hate the way y’all have been speaking on her and treating her, just because she sings songs that y’all deem too sexual, and view her as too ghetto. Then again, it’s not a surprise with the way women are treated here and irl,” wrote an online user.

“But your team will if they think it will help your career @SexyyRed314_ we not slow y’all love doing that shit then when it hits the fans that’s not you. You so this in that. do better, Stop letting them contract writers degrade you as a women. But that’s how y’all get paid more,” wrote a social media user.

Sexxy recently reached a career milestone as she performed at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards. Just a few months ago she performed her breakout hit, ‘Pound Town’ from her seat at the BET awards during intermission. Now she’s center stage as a key performer.

Cousins, let’s keep our girl big Sexxy in our prayers.

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