Ari Fletcher Speaks On Co-Parenting With G-Herbo And If He Ever Attempts To Spin The Block!

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Cousins! Appearing in her first-ever live recorded episode of “Caresha Please”, Yung Miami swiftly placed social media influencer Ari Fletcher in the hot seat. Together the ladies dived deep into conversation as they discussed co-parenting, infidelity entrepreneurship, and more!

Live from Revolt World on Saturday, September 23 in Atlanta, Georgia Ari was asked about the current climate of her co-parenting relationship with Chicago rapper G-Herbo. Ari explained that the two are in a better place as opposed to before.

In a follow-up question, Yung Miami directly asked Ari if Herbo ever tries to spin the block regarding flirting or any kind of intimacy. She responded by revealing that he does say certain things.

“He says things… but we’re never in a setting where he can be like, ‘Yeah, let me …”

“I think it’s a joke,” she continued. “I don’t even take him serious. Like, sometimes, if you overdo it, it’s like, ‘Stop, you doing too much, you know I got a n***a.’ I don’t take him serious like that, so it just be like, ‘Boy.’”

Ari and Herbo dated nearly five years ago when they welcomed their son Yoshon in 2018. It has been stated that they decided to call it quits shortly after Yoshon’s birth.

While appearing in an episode of “Caresha Please” last summer G-Herbo admitted to being unfaithful while Ari suffered from postpartum.

G-Herbo was also present for Revolt World in Atlanta as he appeared in a panel discussion surrounding mental health and Hip Hop.

When asked about family values, the 27-year-old detailed that he comes from a loving home structure as his parents have been together since they were in high school. He also confirmed that he would like to get married in the future.

Though the highly anticipated episode of “Caresha Please” hasn’t been released as of yet, fans have begun to tap in with comments on shared clips throughout social media.

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