Erica Mena Calls Out Love And Hip Hop Franchise Following The Announcement Of Their Colorism Roundtable!

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Cousins! Erica Mena has taken to social media to comment on Love And Hip Hop‘s scheduled round table to discuss racism and colorism “The Uncomfortable Truth”

Erica shared within her Instagram story that she was able to shoot further scenes after her heated exchange with Spice.

She expressed her belief that the Love and Hip Hop franchise didn’t find fault with the controversial exchange until after it was perceived online.

“I think it’s absolutely fair that I speak under this post. Especially because I was indeed filming nonstop for seven months after the actual incident between me and that other individualhappened. The network chose to still film with me nonstop which is why I was used as the base storyline for the whole second half of this actual season. They had this footage for months. They chose to edit it how they wanted and aired it. It’s only now they are desperate trying to save face and using me to do so.”

She added, “If I’m being used to set an example why was I not a part of this “round table ” discussion? Why are they so desperate to film nonstop right now to make up for everything I shot that they can’t use now? Desperate to save face but true and the only reason a statement was even made by the network was because of the backlash. Not because they truly believed what I said was a racial slur.”

“The fact that they’re now making a mockery of the situation by using individuals who have indeed said things just as bad. Messy Yandy herself in 2015 at Hot 97 on air called me “an *** monkey” – to try and save face for this network’s sponsors is pathetic. If you really wanted to save face why not have the two women who are just as wrong in that scene have this conversation since now this network feels it needs to be had?”

Erica went on the thank her supporters while further calling our the LHH franchise. “I gave this franchise 13 plus years and now they need to save face so they are gonna wear my
name out on this to make up for their F$&k up. The sad truth in all of this – this franchise has always depicted us as zoo animals anyway. Sending so much love to my supporters.”

As we previously reported, Love and Hip Hop announced earlier this month that Erica will no longer be a features cast member follow her remarks.

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