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Florida Elementary School Faces Backlash For Bribing Black Students With Free Fried Chicken To Improve Low Test Scores!

Cousins! Florida parents are calling out officials of Flagler County’s Bunnell Elementary School, following an assembly that reportedly singled out their Black students for low test scores!

According to WESH News, parents have stated that the school orchestrated an assembly that aimed to motivate Black students within the fourth and fifth grade by offering them gift cards to fast food restaurants.

Sources state that the students were pulled out of class on Friday August 18th, where they instructed to watch a PowerPoint demonstration that listed statistics for standardized testing. “African Americans have underperformed on standardized tests for the past three years… Only 32 percent are at Level 3 or higher.”

WTSP reports that Black fourth and fifth graders were required to attend the mandatory assembly despite their test scores or performance.

A mother to one of the students said that her daughter was identified as a high-performer and, had been called on stage in which she ultimately felt embarrassed.

“She felt embarrassed because she had to go on stage. She had to go on stage and made it seem like she was better than them,” said the student’s mother.

“That is targeting, making it seem they’re better (than the others).”

She adds, “It became racial for me when they included and boxed all of the Black children together no matter if they were below average, average or above average,.”

Another parent that was interviewed by WSVN says that students were basically offered free fried chicken in efforts of motivatating adolescents to do better on tests.

“They want our grades to be higher, and if we get a higher grade, then we will be rewarded with McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A,.”

A series of parents have stated that the school failed to notify them about the assembly or any plans made to single out Black students. It has also been stated that there was no form of communication detailing efforts to help raise students test scores.

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