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Cardi B Won’t Face Any Charges In Mic Throwing Incident Due To Insufficent Evidence!

Cousins! The hashtag ‘Cardi wins again’ is currently trending throughout Twitter following official reports that the Grammy Award-winning rapper has been cleared of all charges surrounding a mic-throwing incident in Las Vegas!

“This case has been closed as having insufficient evidence,” says the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in a statement obtained by ABC News.

Over the weekend Cardi tossed her mic into a crowd during a performance in Vegas. The incident was caught on cellphone footage as an unidentified woman apparently drenched her with liquid from a bottle. In response, Cardi threw her mic in the crowd and is said to have hit another person.

According to ABC News, Cardi was previously named a main suspect within a LVMPD police report filed by a woman who is said to have been hit with the mic in her right shoulder.

The filed police report reads that the person who tossed the drink at Cardi B is a “BFA in her late 20’s in a black and white sneaker shoe with colorful letters with a red/cooper hair color.” However the the unnamed person who filed the report is described as being a 26-year-old white female with brown hair.

Officials state that the unnamed woman expressed that she was “experiencing pain because of this incident” and planned to seek “medical attention.”

Prior to the incident a series of videos captured during Cardi’s vegas performance as she is heard on video requesting fans to throw some water at her because she was hot. It is unclear of the time frame between each take of when the liquid was tossed on her.

Cardi addressed the incident on the streaming platform of Stationhead as she says she was assaulted and described the ordeal as being disrespectful.

“What happened yesterday was blatantly disrespectful.”

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