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Blueface Says He Wants The Best For His Unborn Child With Chrisean Rock!

( 📸: Getty Images)

Cousins! Blue face is expressing his personal hopes he has for his unborn child with Chrisean Rock!

In a series of posts on Twitter Thursday evening, the Los Angeles rapper says that despite his ongoing feud with Chrisean he wants the best for their baby and that he hopes she allows him to take the baby while she continues to work.

“I hope she give me that baby instead of letting random people watch him while she fight on baddies 🤞🏽,” wrote the 26 year old.

Blue’s tweets were met with major bombastic side eyes from folks on social media as he was referred to as being a “bitter baby daddy” for seemingly throwing shade toward Chrisean.

However Blue says that the former couple’s current circumstances don’t negate his rights as a father to care for their child.

“Y’all want me to neglect my child cuz of the circumstances so bad lol sorry I can’t ima man if me wanting the best for my child makes me bitter i been bitter for 6 years then”

What are y’all thoughts on this?

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