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Ice Spice Crowned With Billboard’s R&B / Hip Hop Rookie Of The Year Title!

Cousins! Following the one year anniversary of her viral breakout single “Munch (Feelin’ U ) Ice Spice has been named Billboard’s R&B / Hip Hop Rookie of the Year!

The Bronx, New York native tells Billboard that she’s been working extremely hard these last few years and to receive such a momentous honor means a lot.

“I have put in so much hard work, and it means a lot to be recognized for it and have more than just plaques to show for it.”

In less than two years Ice has pumped out hit song after hit song collaborating with some of the biggest names in music from Nicki Minaj to most Taylor Swift.

The 23 year old expressed in her April Billboard cover interview that she has always wanted to create a career that would change her life since she was a young girl. “I would always be on Google as a kid, looking up ‘how to be rich’ and ‘careers that pay the most.’ I was like, ‘OK, should I be a doctor? Or should I be a lawyer?’ I just wanted to make all the money,” she said. “But I did always love music. I guess it just fell into place.”

Following the release of her deluxe debut EP Like..?, Ice announced that she is currently working on her next full body of work. “We want to build a strong foundation for her and not fly over any necessary steps that a new artist should take, nor have her quickly change her music to sound a certain way due to the big crossover success,” shared her manager.

According to Vibe Magazine, Ice is set to join Doja Cat on her Scarlett Tour beginning in November alongside Doechii. Her manager says that all of the Ice shows have been helping her to gain stage presence in efforts of preparing to perform at the stadium level.

“Every strategic festival moment you’ve been seeing Ice billed for and doing is her getting her live show chops up for this upcoming tour moment,” says her manager. “Ice’s confidence has shot up even more to take on an arena tour as a supporting act.”

Ice says that she vows, “ push the genre forward in whatever ways I can, but I know I’ll have a huge impact on the youngins coming up now.”

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