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Cardi B Reportedly Subpoenaed Tasha K’s Husband In Efforts Of Securing $ 4 Million Dollars Owed To Her!

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Cousins! Cardi B has taken further legal action in efforts of finally receiving the $4 million+ dollars owed to her following her defamation lawsuit win. The Grammy award-winning rapper is said to have subpoenaed Tasha K‘s husband to provide a detailed list of his financial assets!

According to reports from Hip Hop DX, the Bronx New York native is currently demanding a ‘subpoena duces tecum’ for Cheickna Tebe. This specific type of subpoena requires a witness to issue official paperwork pertaining to a legal proceeding.

Sources state that the written order is scheduled to take place next month on August 7th in Miami, Florida which will allow Cardi legal permission to review the couple’s financial assets within a recorded video. It has been stated that the reviewed assets will be entered into Tasha’s bankruptcy filing.

“The examination may continue from day to day until completed,” reads the court document obtained by HHDX. “If the examinee receives this notice less than 14 days prior to the scheduled examination date, the examination will be rescheduled upon timely request to a mutually agreeable time.”

As we previously reported Tasha filed for bankruptcy in May which helped in allowing her time to pay off her debt to Cardi. The IRS, Broward County Tax Collector, the Florida Department of Revenue, and Bank of America were made aware of Tasha’s Chapter 11 filing and issued a stop of all collection efforts beginning June 2nd until her finances are properly reviewed.

Per U.S Courts, “The filing of the case imposed an automatic stay against most collection activities,” reads the subpoena duces tecum. “This means that creditors generally may not take action to collect debts from the debtors or the debtors’ property. For example, while the stay is in effect, creditors cannot sue, garnish wages, assert a deficiency, repossess property, or otherwise try to collect from the debtors.”

“Creditors cannot demand repayment from debtors by mail, phone, or otherwise.” Adding that, “Creditors who violate the stay can be required to pay actual and punitive damages and attorney’s fees. Under certain circumstances, the stay may be limited to 30 days or not exist at all, although debtors can ask the court to extend or impose a stay.”

It has been stated that Cardi’s subpoena duces tecum doesn’t violate Tasha’s bankruptcy filing, because it was issued pursuant to Federal Bankruptcy Rule 2004.

In 2019 Cardi sued Tasha for spreading malicious content online. Alongside her legal team, the mother of two argued that the vicious rumors made her both depressed and suicidal.

Despite Cardi asking Tasha to remove the typed videos, the blogger continuously refused.

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