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Woman Claims To Have Paid $1K To Take A Photo With Tyler Lepley And Miracle Watts While On Vacation!

Cousins! A woman on Tiktok has shared claims that she allegedly paid $1K for a photo with Miracle Watts and Tyler Lepley after spotting them out while on vacation in Cabo, Mexico.

In the video the woman can be heard saying that she paid Tyler using a debt card and claims that the actor had a card swiper. ”You know this guy had a cube, a square cube in his Louie bag? He did, he swiped the card and got my payment “

The Tiktok user says that the alleged purchased photo came out terrible and questioned if she should try to get her coins back.

As the video began to trend the unidentified woman has since deleted it. Social media users immediately chimed in sharing doubts surrounding the accuracy of the woman’s story while others questioned why she would pay a thousand dollars for a photo.

“This lady paid $1000 for a picture with MIRACLE WATTS AND TYLER LEPLEY. Wtf be wrong with y’all? You just had $1000 and that’s what you decided was best?”

“Like you in another country and you spent $1000 for a picture with miracle watts and Tyler Lepley….mcscuse me ?”

The couple has since spoken out against the TikTok user’s claims.

“🧢 cause who in they right mind,” wrote Miracle.

“The square cube in the Louis bag got me rollin,” joked Tyler.


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