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Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign Has Reportedly Received No Donations In The Last Few Weeks!

Cousins! Apparently, Kanye West’s efforts of occupying the White House as the next president of the United States are becoming more of a dream than a reality as circulating reports declare that his campaign hasn’t received any recent activity surrounding funding!

According to reports from Radar Online, obtained copies of the Federal Election Commission ( FEC) filings state that as of Monday, July 17th, Kanye hasn’t received not one donation in weeks.

It has been stated that nearly three months ago on April 1st the Chicago native’s campaign had secured $124,873. On June 30th the fund had depleted by over $100,000 due to payouts for consultants and additional employees.

Sources state that the campaign doesn’t have any outstanding debts at this time however there is only a whopping $23,000+ left within the Kanye 2020 campaign at this.

Kanye is believed to have spent over $2 million in bills, with a reportedly large amount of $31,000 being made out to alt-right Director of Political Operations Milo Yiannopoulos.

Despite only pulling in under $500,000 in donations, since the beginning of his campagin reports Hip Hop DX.

“Right now, I am living my life — like I’m concentrating on the school, The Donda Academy, and my new wife, and my kids, and that’s it,” reads a reported statement from Kanye to documentary filmmaker Adam Camacho.

“I just want to be left alone.”

Hip Hop DX reports that Camacho was hired to document Kanye’s presidential campaign.

Kanye is said to have pulled out the presidential campaign since early April 2023.

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