#SpeakOnIt : Trey Songz Addresses Recent Claims Of Kidnapping & Sexual Assault!


Trey Songz is currently trending throughout social media following claims of an alleged encounter between him and a woman by the name of #CelinaPowell!

According to The Blast Celina who is known for linking up with various men within the industry, recently appeared on a podcast where she stated Trey had urinated on her in the past.

Celina states that on one particular evening she had sexual encounters with Trey and following one of numerous rounds they exited the bedroom and continued in the bathroom. Celina goes on to say that Trey allegedly asked her to lay down in the bathtub, she complied and he then urinated all over her.


Sources have confirmed that Trey had caught wind of the viral clip and immediately denied the entire ordeal. He then took to #twitter to state,” Y’all stay ready to believe a bird.” Followed by screenshots of Celina allegedly requesting throughout the years to hang out with Trey.

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