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Prayers Up: Civil Rights Leader And Sister To Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.Christine King Farris Has Passed Away!

Cousins! Please join us in extending our deepest condolences to the entire King family following the passing of Dr. Christine King Farris!

The tragic news of Christine’s passing was confirmed by her niece and daughter to Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Bernice King earlier today on Twitter.

“Aunt Christine is a great inspiration and source of wisdom for me. I won’t use past tense for that. She experienced profound tragedy and was sustained by love, faith in God, and hope for humanity. She kept teaching, kept growing, kept mothering so many. Her life was a testimony.”

She wrote, “Aunt Christine embodied what it meant to be a public servant. Like my dad, she spent her life fighting for equality and against racism in America.”

“She defied the odds that held back too many marginalized communities – going on to become a civil rights leader and acclaimed author. No stranger to adversity, Aunt Christine used the tragedies of the assassinations of her mother and brother to fight for change in America.

“Arndrea, Yolanda and I were lucky to spend time with her in her final days, and we know the Lord is welcoming her with open arms, alongside my parents and the rest of her family.

Bernice added, “We will truly miss my Aunt, but know that she leaves behind a tremendous legacy that will outlive us all and we commit to carrying that legacy on for future generations.”

Christine will be remembered forever as an educator of the HBCU of Spelman, a beloved civil rights leader, and the last living sibling of MLK.

According to WBSTV Christine wrote in a 1950s essay that she and Martin were very close as siblings. She says despite his tragic assassination their bond remained.

The two were born 16 months apart.

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