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Ice Spice Says She Doesn’t Take Colorism Debates Surrounding Her Career Personal, “ I Feel Like That’s Been The Conversation For Generations And Forever”

Cousins! Ice Spice’s rise to fame is often scrutinized as folks speculate how the 23-year-old rapper was able to gain such success within a year.

From major cover shoots, big stage performances, attending her first Met Gala, and legendary collaborations; the Bronx, New York native has reached heights within her career that her counterparts haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of!

Within a recently debuted cover story for Teen Vogue magazine, Ice was asked questions surrounding comments made online about her rise to fame and how it’s allegedly due to her complexion. Ice Spice-born Isis Naija Gaston says that colorist conversations are not something she takes personally.

“I have seen those opinions,” she replied. “I feel like that’s not something personal to me. I feel like that’s been the conversation for generations and forever, since the beginning of time.”

Ice Spice adds that she doesn’t feed into conversations of that degree as she explains it doesn’t come from a loving place. “I try not to feed into negativity because I also see that when people are trying to make that point, it’s not out of a good place.”

The rapper explains, “[They end up putting] somebody else down. If I do read the comments and see something negative, I’ll leave. I’m not torturing myself. A lot of the time I know what they’re going to say because the public is mad predictable…. I expect them to just be on my d*ck, to be picking at dumb sh*t. Like, they didn’t need to bring that up.”

Ice Spice began rapping in 2021 and struck gold with her hit single “Munch (Feelin’ U ) “ in 2022. She has collaborated with Nicki Minaj, Pink Panthress, Lil, TJAY and Taylor Swift. The drill rapper has performed at Rolling Loud, Hot 97’s Summer Jan, and the Governor’s Ball. She was also named ‘Rap’s new Princess’ by the New York Times earlier this year.

“Colorism is SYSTEMIC REALITY. It’s not about ice spice or any individual light skinned or dark skinned person—the reality is that the closer you are to whiteness the more privileged you are. Stop trying to dismiss systemic realities. Colorism is as real as racism—PERIOD,” says a social media user.

“If we’re going to actually speak on COLORIST/COLORISM let’s do it correctly and non- bias Bc i swear this conversation never existed until Ice Spice linked with Nicki. Everyone was a munch a few months ago. What happened? 🤨” reads a tweet.

“ The whole thing about ice spice speaking on colorism is deemed as a “bad take” but I don’t see anything wrong… anytime you guys bring up her light skin privilege y’all use it as a bait to call her “untalented” “boring” & etc. literally weaponize the word to talk sht about her & her peers. I’m all for addressing how colorism plays factors in peoples careers, but ppl can’t magically control who likes them & engages with them,” reads another tweet.

Cousins, what are your thoughts surrounding the topic?

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