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The New York Times Names Ice Spice, “Rap’s New Princess”

Cousins! Following a chart topping Summer with the overall success of her hit single Munch ( Feelin’ U ) and the release of her very first EP ‘Like…? ‘ The New York Times has officially named Ice Spice “Rap’s New Princess”

While speaking on her unique approach to Drill Rap, Ice Spice explains that it is her cool and calm demeanor that naturally reflects in her music. “I’m just naturally super chill and nonchalant about a lot of things,” she said. “I’ve always been that way, since I was a baby.”

Alongside her manager and producer Riot, Ice Spice recalled the weekend in August that changed her life after Drake publicly voiced that he was feeling her music. According to the outlet they were flown out to the annual OVO fest by private jet after the Toronto native slid in her DMs.

“I probably had like $200 to my name on that trip,” said Riot. “It kind of felt like the flight was like me flying into a new life.” Ice Spice followed up in agreement that she was mad broke and carrying a “fake-a** purse” at the time.

Reports read that a few days after Ice Spice had attended the annual event she released her breakout banger ‘Munch ( Feelin’ U ). With a visual to match the Bronx native birthed a signature look in rocking her natural hair paired with a ginger color full of curls.

“The hair is definitely iconic,” said Ice Spice. “When I was in high school, I was straightening my hair, trying to be something that I’m not. Now it’s flattering seeing a wave of Afros. I enjoy that. I feel like that’s great for Black women especially, making Afros more like just a normal staple look, you know?”

“Munch” was an instant hit as social media users on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok adapted to the New York styled video and slang.

“We slept on that record because that was the only song we had that didn’t have a sample,” said Riot in reference to the usual formula of Drill Rap being adapted to sampled music.

“I’m happy the first song that ever really blew up for me like that was an original song, with an original word,” Ice Spice said. “I’m just so proud of that.”

She recalls, “I remember the week ‘Munch’ came out, I had went to the mall, right, And a bunch of kids started running up to me like, ‘Yo, are you the “Munch” girl?’ And like, taking pictures of me and recording me.”

Born to a Black father and Dominican mother in the Bronx; Ice Spice also known as Isis Gaston says that she grew up writing poetry and raps since young. She recalls her dad often asking her to freestyle with him. “We would be walking to school and he would be trying to get me to rap about my day.”

She says that she didn’t really begin writing full songs until a few years back in 2019 after being inspired by the wave of Brooklyn drill rap. Ice says it was in 2021, where she took part in the #BussItChallenge things changed for her.

“Once that happened I was like, Oh, if I could do it one time, I’m pretty sure I could do it again,” she said. “That’s when I knew I could be an artist.”

The 23 year old successfully signed to 10K Projects/Capitol Records not too long after “Munch” was released.

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