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Tia Mowry Speaks Why She Decided To Walk Away From “The Game” For Good, “.. I Valued Myself..”

Cousins! Throughout the course of her career Tia Mowry has evolved from a child star to multifaceted business owner all while mastering motherhood and covering ground as a newly single woman. As she continues to navigate through life making decisions sincerely based on what makes her happy personally and professionally, Tia is making it clear that she’s choosing herself first above anything else!

Appearing recently on the popular YouTube hosted series TheTerrell Show Tia was asked about one of her most beloved acting roles to date in playing Melanie Barnett also known as Med School from the fan favorite series The Game.

“I graduated from college in 2003. I knew I wanted–because I graduated with a psych degree in growth and child development–I knew I didn’t want to go in that direction, so I said you know what, I have my degree, but I still want to act, and I was like you know what, this character is so me,” said Tia.

“[Melanie] was a girlfriend that was there for her boyfriend at the time, supporting his career…that’s kind of where I felt I was in my life.”

She went on to detail that after the CW network decided to cut ties with the series that there was an extended time period before ‘The Game’ had been picked up by BET. However within that time frame things shifted and politics beyond the lights and cameras came into play.

“The Game’ was canceled from the CW, so there was a timelapse. Pooch (Derwin) ended up booking a show, and he was a regular on the show, which made him reoccurring on ‘The Game.’”

Tia explained, “So they said, ‘well, you could come back but only as recurring.’ And I valued myself, you know, and I said I feel like I’m more than a recurring. I am a regular. And I said ‘no.'”

The Game originally debuted on the CW network on October 1st 2006 and was cancelled in 2009 after three seasons. The series was then picked back up by BET in 2011 for a total of ten seasons. Tia made an official exit from the show in 2012 a part of season five.

To this day fans often find themselves on social media deep in discussion upon the chokehold ‘The Game’ had them ( all of us ) in throughout the years.

Despite “The Game,” being officially revamped mixed with new cast members and a few familiar faces I. 2021 with Paramount +; Tia has declared that she will not be returning to the franchise.

Cousins would y’all like to see Tia return and allow fans to dive deeper into Derwin and Melanie’s love story?

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