What’s the Tea? An Exclusive Play By Play of the Powerhouse Blog Noir Online and their Team of Creatives!

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What’s up Cousins! 

For the last five years Noir Online as a thriving media outlet has been successfully able to maintain a consistently growing following across all major social media platforms!!! 

Within that time frame, we have secured a platform of followers that trust us in putting them on to all the latest in celebrity updates, world news, trending topics, upcoming releases surrounding music television, film, and more. It’s only right that we officially give you all a behind the scenes play by play of our daily operations as an online organization while successfully executing our latest film campaign in delivering a super lit Instagram Live interview! 

As part of the presented campaign, we were granted an amazing opportunity to speak with the leading cast members of an up and coming movie to be featured within our fan favorite Instagram series “Kicking It One On One.” 

When deciding to sign on to a campaign of any sort, it is important for us to ensure that the proposed project aligns with the Noir Online brand. We are initially issued an official pitch of what the client in connection to the film is interested in having us execute. Upon discussion amongst our team members, we review all forwarded materials and respond with a pitch that seemingly aligns with their desired ideas while expressing our capabilities. Since Noir Online thrives on team-based efforts we have each member of our staff, ranging from social media management and content creation, watch the film. 

Our social media department is considered the pulse behind each body of work that we produce, therefore it is imperative that they are brutally honest if they believe our audience would engage in conversation with the film and what variations of content we would be able to produce and display across our socials. It’s a rare occasion when all members can’t discover a common ground on a proposed project. Thankfully we have assembled a group of vibrant leaders who are unafraid to speak their minds and take a stance against anything that doesn’t align with us as a collective and Noir Online as a brand. 

A major role in delivering trending news on a daily basis is the responsibility of being aware of today’s climate and understanding the fact that there is a thin line of what is appealing to folks that are Millennials and how it differs for folks that are members of Generation Z. This is an essential element of how we are able to design signature content. We want to make sure that we are able to connect trending and popular topics to the proposed project in order to amplify conversation. That is the magic behind Noir Online’s content. 

We begin a process of elimination instantly following a series of group video calls amongst members of the social media and graphic design team. The next step is a cross over video chat meeting with our editor who reviews the forwarded insights and cluster of notes. She often

expresses to us to be mindful of standing clear of material that can be subjective. Whether that’s a storyline, concept or joke that can be deemed either sexist, racist, misogynistic and/or possibly tone deaf. We always keep at the forefront that, as an independent digital publication that is built on solidifying the visibility of culture, we have to be careful of the projects we greenlight and make sure that we aren’t signing on to collaborate with a public figure, brand or entity that has a controversial history. 

With each member being located around different parts of the world and different time zones, our workload can get quite interesting as we often lean on one another for strategic execution. We bounce a surplus of ideas amongst one another either through group text threads or bi-weekly team meetings through video chat, that often turn into a daily situation as deadlines approach more rapidly. We take it old school and implement a hefty list of pros and cons upon certain topics to display on social media. 

Seeing how the proposed film surrounded the multidimensional topics of love, relationships and lies we were able to indulge in relatable conversations amongst one another. Our team’s ability to connect to the underlying objectives portrayed within the film only made it even easier to create a variation of conversation provoking content for our audience to dive deep in. 

Last but most definitely not least of the series of deliverables within the proposed campaign is the Instagram Live. It may sound like an easy process since we had so many hilarious and in-depth conversations amongst one another after watching the film, numerous strategy meetings, etc. But no, it’s actually a bit more complex. Especially when you have a mountain worth of material that must be implemented into a short time frame. 

When conducting an Instagram Live, we want our followers to not only watch the entire segment from beginning to end but to also engage; drop a couple hundred comments, tag a friend and tell them to pull up to tune in and blow our viewership through the roof. The number one aspect we want to avoid is having folks poke their heads in for a quick second during a possible down moment and soon after exit out. The conversation must be lit from beginning to end. 

There’s a few ways to assure smooth sailing; which begins with selecting an engaging concept that is relatable and appealing to both Millennials and Gen Z. We get super creative within that department whether that’s running back a trendy podcast that our audience has engaged with previously, researching topics on social media that have been trending all week or tapping in with recently released music or shows that seemingly connect. 

Upon in-depth strategizing, we are able to conclude with a fiery question and answer segment that allows our host to shine her personality which in return will naturally have our guests as well as viewers gravitate towards the conversation, making all parties involved eager to participate. 

However the underlying concept of the interview must always organically connect to the film. We decided on putting each guest star in the hot seat in having them explain why it is a privilege for anyone to be a recipient of their intimacy by having them complete the proposed prompt, “my love is__________.”

In order for Noir Online as an organization to be able to connect with our audience in such a thriving and consistent manner virtual connectivity is always at the forefront throughout the years we’ve been able to successfully create our own virtual atmosphere where we can freely connect whenever we want to; which we consider our on air office bubble. Through Xfinity’s 10G Network, we have the ability to freely connect across countless devices with no worry at all.

Cousins, the future officially starts now. Be sure to tap in with the fastest internet in and out of your home with the Xfinity 10G Network.

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