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Group Of Scam Artists Officially Sentenced After Carrying Out HoneyTrap Scheme Turned Fatal Against A Male They Targeted From Social Media!

Cousins! A team of convicts have officially been sentenced and charged with murder following the tragic death of a 33 year old male that was targeted on social media after displaying two Rolex watches!

According to Meaww news, the incident took place on February 26th, 2022 as Saul Murray was seduced, drugged and ultimately stabbed by two women identified as Supreet Dhillon, and Temidayo Awe along with their accomplices Cleon Brown and Ikem Affia within an attempted robbery that ultimately turned fatal.

Reports read that Ikem was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 25 years, while Supreet, Cleo , and Temidayo , were convicted of manslaughter. Cleom will be jailed for 11 years, Supreet has been sentenced to 10 years, and Temiday has been sentenced to seven years.

It has been indicated that the group carried out the fatal scheme as they expected the victim was rich only to later discover both of the flasher Rolex watches were fake and that he didn’t obtain any expensive items within his home that he had just moved into at the time.

Investigators confirmed that Saul had been directly contacted by Supreet through Instagram and WhatsApp a day before his death. Soon after the two women alongside identified convicts Cleon and Ikem traveled from Luton to London late at night to the victim’s home. Upon their arrival Cleom and Ikem waited at a local McDonald’s as Supreet and Temidayo met Saul outside his home around 11:30 PM.

Supreet and Temidayo are said to have drugged Saul with a date-rape drug identified as GHB to assist with knocking him out in order for them to rob him. However it didn’t work as Saul didn’t fully react to the drug, which lead to them contacting their male accomplices for help.

Reports from CCTV indicate that surveillance footage from Saul’s complex showed Supreet and Temidayo exit Saul’s home with the two men leaving directly behind them 19 seconds later.

Saul’s lifeless body was discovered by a nightshift employee. He is said to have had been stabbed in his thigh with a knife that penetrated his femoral artery. He ultimately bled out.

Police were able to link Supreet through her Instagram contact with Saul. They then picked up Temidayo by her social media contact with her. Supreet ultimately admitted that she targeted six other men in similar honeytrap schemes ranging between October 2021 and February 2022. She also said that Temidayo had seemingly been involved four out of the six occasions.

Ultimately police officials were able to identify Ikem by the rare designer Moncler coat he was wore as it matched the one worn in the obtained video on the night of Saul’s death.

“This was a very lengthy and complex investigation, which involved scrutinizing hours of CCTV, phone data, vehicle telematics, and other evidence to place each of them at Murray’s flat at the time of the offense. I hope that the knowledge that all four people involved in this horrific incident will be locked up for a very long time can bring some justice to Saul’s loved ones,” said Detective Inspector Dale Mepstead.

Saul’s dad Colin Murray described him as wonderful son and described his grief over watching his son die.

“Nothing this court says or does can possibly repair the cavernous void in the hearts and lives of those to whom Saul Murray meant so much,” said Judge Michael Simon.

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