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United Airlines Passenger Arrested After Threatening To Open Emergency Exit Door And Attack Flight Attendant With A Spoon!

Cousins! A 33 year old male is currently being investigated by the FBI after recently causing major chaos during an United airlines flight!

According to ABC News, the incident occurred during a flight from Los Angeles to Boston as a male identified as Francisco Severo Torres threatened to take over the plane. Within a now circulated video clip Torres can be heard saying, “I’m taking over this plane.”

A witness stated that approximately 45 minutes before the plane landed Torres had gotten into a confrontation with a few of the flight attendants. He is said to have turned a metal spoon into a weapon while occupying the bathroom area. The suspect then reportedly rushed down the aisle threatening to stab one of the employees in the neck three times.

Though he didn’t succeed in physically harming any of the attendants Torres moved onto attempting to open the plane’s emergency exit door.

“Every door and every hatch is held in place by thousands of pounds of pressure. So, you can’t get those open. By the same token, anybody fooling around with that mechanism is trying to endanger the entire aircraft,” said John Nance, an Aviation Analyst.

Ultimately five passengers came together and tackled Torres removing the spoon out of his hands. The flight attendants also helped in holding him down using zip ties.

“All flight attendants are given a certain amount of training on self-defense, but that should not be in their job description to have to have mortal combat with somebody on the back. That is totally unacceptable,” Nance said.

Torres was immediately apprehended by FBI agents as the plane landed, taking him into custody.

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