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Bronx Assemblyman Pushing For Legislation To Pass Law That Lowers Late Fees For Unpaid Toll!

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Cousins! A major topic of discussion amongst NYC residents in recent years has been the ever growing hassle of unpaid EZ Pass tolls and the late fees that come along with it. Despite residents vowing to never ever come up off their coins to flip the exceedingly growing bill it appears that a congress official is working hard to lessen up the hefty load on folks pockets!

According to Pix 11 news, Bronx Assemblyman Kenny Burgos is working towards answering a couple million of folks prayers as he’s pushing for legislation to decrease the pricey late fees for unpaid tolls.

“I’ve heard from people as far as Buffalo, as far south of Staten Island, just really exemplifying how bad of an issue this is,” said Kenny. “I’ve literally heard of a six-figure toll bill that someone has owed.”

📸: Assembly member Kenny Burgos of Assembly District 85

Over the last couple of years major bridges and tunnels located in the city have gone cashless fully replacing toll booths. Reports read that drivers that are with out an E-Z pass are issued a bill for their toll in the mail.

If a bill goes unpaid by more than 60 day an additional administration fee of $50 to $100 dollars is added per toll.

“Most people just don’t use snail mail nowadays,”says Kenny.

It has been indicated that he is pushing to have the late fees lowered to $25 for a vast majority of MTA, New York State Thruway and Port Authority tolls locations within New York. Kenny believes that by taking a more modern day approach in collaboration with social media to imprint the importance of passing the Toll Payer Protection Act, he will organically gain support from congress in Albany.

“The MTA has an obligation to collect tolls,” said MTA spokesperson Aaron Donovan in response to Kenny’s proposal. “Drivers have an obligation to pay them. We strongly urge people using bridges and tunnels to get E-Z Pass and the award-winning TollsNY app to avoid unfortunate situations.”

Cousins, what are y’all thoughts on this should the late fees be decreased or fully abolished? Check out how social media users feel about the E-Z pass tolls below 👇🏿

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