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Mariah Carey Reportedly Moving Toward Filing For Primary Custody Of Her Children With Nick Cannon!

Cousins! Mariah Carey is taking extra precautions to assure the wellbeing of her children following reports that she is currently making plans to file for primary custody of her children with Nick Cannon!

According to Radar Online, a source close to Mariah explains that though she believes Nick is an excellent father that tries his best to see their shared twins as much as possible, the reality is he is one person with ten plus children. Ultimately making it impossible for him to spend quality time with them.

“The reality of the situation is that they are usually with Mariah anyway,” says the source. “She wants to put him on notice that he can’t just flit in and out of their lives while he attends to his other children. And she wants legal standing as the twins’ primary caregiver.”

Nick and Mariah tied the knot in 2008 and divorced eight years later in 2016; together they share a set of 11 year old twins Monroe and Moroccan. Though they’ve been co-parenting effectively for nearly a decade, it’s become a bit more difficult as Nick has now fathered over ten children in the last couple of years.

With his 12th child being born in December 2022 the source claims Nick, “doesn’t see much” of his first born children.

Mariah’s claimed plans to file for custody are being described as a form of protection in letting Nick know that he can’t pop in and out of the twins lives whenever he wants.

Just last Summer apart of the cover issue of Men’s Magazine as he was expecting his 8th child Nick declared that he is able to see more of his children because of the flexibility of his job.

“If I’m not physically in the same city with my kids, I’m talking to them before they go to school via FaceTime and stuff,” Nick said. “And then when I am [in the same city, I’m] driving my kids to school, making sure I pick ’em up. All of those things, making sure [I’m there for] all extracurricular activities.”

As far as Nick’s love for fatherhood and him making consistent moves towards repopulating the earth he says that he doesn’t really have a plan.

“Clearly, I don’t have a plan,” said Nick in December. “Honestly man, it’s just so much joy and elation that I have, the family that I have, and I embrace it. I love it, and I don’t have a plan. That should have been clear from the jump.”

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