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Mother To R&B Singer Sammie Arrested On Charges Of Second Degree Murder And Shooting Into A Vehicle; Victim Identified As Wife And Mother Of 2!

Cousins!!! We are sending our deepest condolences to the family of a young mother and wife following a tragic and random shooting incident that claimed her life as she was simply traveling to pick up dinner!

According to WFLA news the incident took place in Orange County, Florida on January 12th as 27 year old Nekaybaw Collier was driving to pick up food for her family. It has been stated that she sadly shot just a mile away from her home.

“My younger daughter thinks mommy is coming back from the store. It’s hard to explain that to a child,” said Nekaybaw’s husband Kevin Moore.

Angila Baxter, 56

Reports read that 56 year old Angila Baxter was arrested on Friday in connection to the shooting. She has been identified as the mother to early 90s and 2000s beloved R&B singer Sammie Bush. Angila is currently facing She faces charges of second-degree murder and shooting into a vehicle.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has come forward to state that Nekaybaw was an innocent victim.

Local officials state that Angila had issued claims that she was being “followed” by multiple random people resulting in her “recklessly fired at numerous vehicles and people.”

“We extend our deepest condolences to Nekaybaw’s family for the senseless killing of this young mother, wife and daughter,” reads a statement from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.

Nekaybaw family says she will always be remembered as being smart, hard-working, supportive, faithful, caring and kind.

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