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Bank Of America Receives Backlash From Customers After Money Goes Missing From Their Accounts In Reported Zelle Issue!

Cousins! The financial institution Bank Of America definitely had their hands full this week after customers voiced both outrage and concern that lump sums of money was being taken out of their accounts this week!

According to reports from Fox Business News, customers caught wind of the issue on Wednesday morning as folks spoke out about Zelle not processing payments from their accounts and money going missing.

According to reports from Fox News Bank of America released an official statement later that afternoon declaring that there was an issue with Zelle that has since been corrected.

“We did have an issue where there was a delay in posting Zelle transactions. It was resolved earlier today, so that all the transactions are showing in people’s accounts,” Bill Halldin, a spokesperson for Bank of America.

A spokesperson for Zelle has also come forward in response to the issue in clarifying that the instance was not an error on behalf of their network. “…issue was not the result of any issues with the Zelle Network.”

“We understand that a Zelle Network financial institution may have experienced issues processing some of their customers’ Zelle transactions, which has now been resolved,” a Zelle spokesperson told FOX Business.

However as of Friday morning customers are still stating that their accounts haven’t been rectified or funds returned.

“Bank of America got me fucked up this morning bc no. Just no. My bank account is out here holding on for DEAR LIFE. @BankofAmerica RUN ME MY MONEY HOE,” tweeted one user.

Woke up this morning to see tweets about @BankofAmerica taking money from accounts…Well What’d you know.. I check my account, poof my money gone and I’m negative… When you try to call they’re not accepting calls because of extenuating circumstances…. WHERE IS MY MONEY?,” tweeted another.

This is ridiculous, these are reasons why I stopped working for this bank. Always something wrong. Now my money is missing from my account and y’all don’t want to take calls @BankofAmerica FIX IT NOW,” reads another tweet.

“Hey @BankofAmerica how about some customer service that answers for fraud since the bank associates can’t help you. A 5 hour wait time for fraud? Meanwhile they continue to take money even with my card locked and my password changed. So secure. I’m disgusted,” reads another tweet.

Despite the chaos some social media users were able to laugh at the situation. Cousins, out some of the funniest tweets so far 😂

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