Viola Davis Wins Role Of Shirley Chisholm The First Black Woman Elected To Congress!

Whether she’s portraying a cunning and cultivating lawyer every Thursday on #ABC or taking charge like one of the big boys in her latest film #Widows . #ViolaDavis is known to take absolutely no prisoners when it comes down to dominating the film and television industry. Which is why we are super proud and excited to announce a hint at her latest role!


According to the #WashingtonPost ; Davis is set to star as the United States first Black woman elected to Congress, #ShirleyChisholm. To this day Chisholm is both praised and glorified for the historical mark she has engraved into society. Serving as a political activist and trailblazer Chisholm was the first Black woman/ Black person ever to throw her hat in for a presidential nomination.


Sources state the biopic is entitled “ The fighting Shirley Chisholm “ . Though Hints have circled around the industry for the last 5-7 years of Davis being a shoe in for the role, it wasn’t until recently that production confirmed the sealing of the deal.

Congratulations Auntie V ♥️🤞🏿

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