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Cardi B Speaks On The Moment She And Offset Learned Of TakeOff’s Tragic Death!

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Cousins! Speaking for the very first time publicly in regards to the tragic death of beloved Migos member TakeOff , Cardi B is reflecting on the heartbreaking moment she and OffSet found out!

In conversation with Jason Lee for the debut episode of the ‘Jason Lee Show , Cardi explains that the couple’s Halloween plans had gotten cancelled after their daughter Kulture threw up on her costume. She says that they were in for the night when they received the devastating news.

“We just fell asleep and out of nowhere, Offset’s phone kept ringing, my phone kept ringing,” Cardi recalled. “Offset picked up the phone and he was just like aming. I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ and he’s like, ‘Takeoff is dead.'”

She continued in sharing her disbelief , “I smacked him and I said, ‘Don’t say that. Like, don’t say that!’ And then he was just screaming and just throwing things, throwing up, running all over and I was so scared,” said Cardi. “I was just crying so much. It was terrible.”

Cardi said that following the heartbreaking news everything became extremely triggering within her household. “Any little bad thing”,” she explained.

As we previously reported TakeOff was shot and killed on November 1st during an argument within a dice game. He wasn’t apart of the dice game or confrontation just an innocent bystander sadly caught in the cross fire.

“I feel like I’m so happy that I experienced all those great moments when they were all together and everything,” Cardi told Jason. “It’s a great memory. Sometimes I cannot even listen to Culture because I get emotional. I love them forever.”

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