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R.Kelly Trial In Brooklyn Officially Begins, Prosecution Team Calls Him Out As A Predator!


It is officially going down as R. Kelly was called out by Federal prosecutors today in day one of his trial in Brooklyn, New York for countless alleged sex crimes!

“ This case is about a predator,” said Assistant U.S attorney Maria Cruz Melendez as she addressed the court room today with opening statements. “A man who for decades used his fame and popularity… to target and groom boys, girls and young women for his own sexual gratification.”

According to the Daily News , Melendez listed a series of six women connected to the charged sexual crimes at the hands of Kelly who were previously referred to as Jane Doe 1-6.

Reports read that the late Aaliyah was also brought up. Details of their relationship indicate that Kelly had allegedly impregnated her at 15 years old and forced her into an illegal marriage.

Prosecutors insist that he made Aaliyah marry him therefore she wouldn’t be able to testify against him.

Forwarded claims propose that Kelly and his entourage purchased a fake ID portraying that Aaliyah was 18 at the time they wed in a hotel suite by a pastor.

Sources have confirmed that women by the names of Stephanie, Sonya, Jerhonda, Zell and Faith are set to take the stand to testify against Kelly.

Four of the six victims have been said to have been underage when they were sexually violated by the singer.

See below for each sexual encounter claim forwarded by the victims reports the Daily News:

• In one instance, Kelly forced Faith to undress and told her there would be consequences if she responded falsely to any of his questions, Melendez said. A gun was in the room as Kelly grilled her with questions, the prosecutor said.

Kelly forced Faith to submit to his sexual demands during the encounter, Melendez said.

Four of the six victims were minors when Kelly began sexual relationships with them.

•Sonya was 22 when she met Kelly in Salt Lake City, UT, while working as an intern at a radio station. Sonya wanted to interview Kelly for her station. She was asked to meet him in Chicago at his studio for the interview. But when Sonya arrived, she was locked in a room in Kelly’s studio for three days, begging to be released, fed, or allowed to use the bathroom, the prosecutor said. Kelly’s associates allegedly told her that they couldn’t help her without the singer’s approval. One of his associates gave her cold Chinese food and a Coke. She immediately became drowsy and passed out,” says Melendez. “She woke to find her underwear had been taken off and there was a wetness between her legs,” Melendez said.

• Jerhonda and Zelle, allegedly told Kelly they were underage while they were in sexual relationships with him, but the singer did not care, says Melendez .

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