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Glo’Rilla Speaks Out Following Dated Picture Of Her With A Baby Bump, “Nobody Knew When I Actually Was Pregnant Till It Was Gone”

Cousins! #GloRilla has been trending on social these last couple of days after a 2019 photo resurfaced of her and a tiny baby bump!

Glo pretty much shared that no one knew she was pregnant at the time and when they did she had already had undergone the abortion procedure. “Now why am I trending ?????” she initially wrote.

“Don’t forget I blocks tf outta people 😂😂don’t get blocked for 4 laughs”

After catching wind of her surfaced pregnancy photo she wrote, “& y’all slow af I was jp on dat picture Nobody knew when I actually was pregnant till I it was gone 😂✌🏻,”

Despite social media users shock that Glo was pregnant a few years back, the Memphis native has often been transparent about having an abortion. Last year she joking revealed that after having an abortion and leaving the clinic she has a single release party.

However Glo’s transparency has been met with mixed reviews as social media users discuss her being vocal about undergoing an abortion. “Glorilla Goes Viral For Killing Her Baby 😯 Would She Have Gotten Canceled Back Then During The Anti Abortion Protests? 🤔,” tweeted one user.

“lmao Glorilla so happy she ain’t have that nigga baby she say it in every song 😂😂,” tweeted another user.

“Wondering… did Glorilla lose her baby orrr bc in 2019 she was pregnant lol”

Cousins, what are y’all thoughts on the resurfaced image and do y’all think Glo’s personal decision should be held against her?

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