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Murderer Of South African Anti-Apartheid Leader Fatally Stabbed In Prison Days Before His Scheduled Release!

Cousins! After spending 25 years in prison for the tragic killing of African anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani; Janusz Walus has been murdered just days before he was expected to be released from prison!

According to reports from The Guardian, Janusz was set for release on Thursday after the country’s highest court issued an executive order .

News of the 69 year old’s death was confirmed by the Department of Correctional Services on Tuesday. We are, “able to confirm an unfortunate stabbing incident.”

The forwarded statement continued, “It is alleged that Waluś was stabbed by another inmate from the same housing unit.” It has been indicated that an investigation is underway into the fatal incident.

Janusz was sentenced to life in prison back in 1993 for shooting Chris to death within the driveway of his home. The beloved leader’s murder came just ahead of multiracial elections, as negotiations were being made to abolish apartheids.

South Africa’s top court ordered for Janusz to be released and placed on parole. Earlier this week, home affairs ministry announced he would have to serve his parole sentence in South Africa. It was indicated that he would not be allowed to return home to Poland due to the severity of his case.

Chris’ widow described the recent order as diabolical. There were a series of protests that followed in unison with African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist party (SACP). Reports read that Chris gravesite was also vandalized just last weekend following the recent announcement of Januzi’s proposed release.

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