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Tristan Thompson Confirms That He Had A Fan Tossed Out Of An Arena After They Called Khloe Kardashian A “W****”



In the latest episode of the Kardashians reality series on Hulu, Tristan Thompson reveals that he had to have a fan removed after he says they were disrespectful to his family!

The incident took place in November 2021 at a Sacramento Kings and Memphis Grizzlies game where a fan called Khloe Kardashian a “W****”, reports Entertainment Tonight.

Khloe says she was aware of the incident but didn’t know what had taken place in detail.

Tristan went on to explain that the fan yelled further statements such as,”She talks to different basketball players, and you’re just the next one,'” Tristan recalled, “I said, ‘Listen here, man. Enjoy the game with your girl because she’s coming here to see me. He called you a whore and you date basketball players.”

Khloe responded in saying she only has had 6 boyfriends in her adult life and only 3 of them were basketball players. Tristan went on to say,” You’re not going to keep talking about my family like that.'” He says he, “got his a** out of there.” 

Though the couple haven’t publicly confirmed whether they are currently together or not; the two share a 4 year old daughter together True Thompson.

Things got super iffy when Tristan was revealed to have had a baby boy with his physical trainer in 2021.

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