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Pennsylvania Lyft Driver Boots Passenger Out Of His Vehicle For Racist Comment; Is Then Called A N***** Lover”



A Pennsylvania Lyft driver has gone viral on social media after he stands up to a group of racists passengers!

James W. Bode took to Facebook earlier this week with a video of the encounter. Within the first few seconds of the video a woman passenger can be heard saying, Wow, you’re like a white guy,” as she entered the vehicle. Completely shocked by her statement James responded, “ Excuse me?” The women proceeds in saying, You’re like a normal guy, like you speak English.”

James then responds, Nah, you can get out of the car. That’s inappropriate, that’s completely inappropriate. If somebody was not white sitting in this seat, what would be the difference?”

As the video continues James explains what the woman said to the male passenger attempting to enter the vehicle. He brushes it off until James repeats that he’s canceling the ride. They both ask is he serious and after he said yes that’s when things further escalated.

“You’re a f****** a****, the male passenger said. James then said “It’s all on camera.” The man took ot. A step further and issued a threat while using racial slurs. “I should punch you in the f—- face. You’re a “f**** n**** over.”

James the proceeded to call the police and file a report following the issued threat.

This happened tonight outside of Fossils Last Stand, on Race St in Catasauqua. The ride was for a “Jackie”…When asked if they were the owners, she shook her head “yes” but who knows. There was a police report filed (only because of the assault threat) not sure if that will do anything…if you make me feel uncomfortable, I will absolutely do the same especially in my car or property. Yes they were made aware I was recording, yes I have postings in my car indicating such.”

The New York Post confirms the woman passenger’s name is Jackie Hartford. She is also the owner of a bar named Fossil’s Last Stand. She apparently felt deleted her Facebook page and website while also deactivating her personal page following the incident.

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